Jan. 2nd, 2011

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So, I ended up failing pretty epically hard with the whole posting thing, but that's okay. Winter always kinds of messes with me, so I've been mostly lurking around.

Work has been stressful, which is to be expected considering I work retail and it was Christmas. It just seemed like people were way worse this year than previous. I don't know.

Thanks to everyone who sent me cards and little gifts *looks to [personal profile] ditch_gospel and [personal profile] sharpeslass* and all the wonderful messages I got. :) Christmas was very low-key this year for me; Jimmie and I went to my aunt's house with all my family (except my dad, who was in Arizona because my parents separated for the time being) and it was nice. We opened presents at midnight that morning with two of my best friends, which was awesome.

For Christmas I got the two Hetalia DVDs, Loveless 3 DVD, lots of money, a new purse, an awesome Beatles journal, a Beatles CD, and a couple of pairs of pajama pants. Oh, and monkey slippers and a bumper sticker, and a new phone case.

New Years was also pretty low-key for me. I went out for dinner and drinks with two of my girlfriends, and rang in the new year at home with them and Jimmie. (I got a New Year's kiss, which made me happy. :))

Thoroughly enjoyed all the [community profile] yuletide_smut fics this year! I can't wait to see who wrote what. :) I also decided (probably against my better judgment, but we'll see) that I will be participating in [community profile] valentine_smut. It's part of my goals for this year.

Which are:

1. Write more
2. Post more
3. Get a better, more enjoyable job
4. Get into graduate school
5. Take more pictures
6. Lose a bit of weight
7. Be happier and enjoy my life more.

Not too much to ask, I suppose? I figure making goals is a more reasonable concept than making resolutions, since I never stick to my resolutions. :/

As far as writing goes, the only thing I've been writing lately is Kirk/Bones stuff. XD I have a few comment fics from the flash challenge over on [community profile] jim_and_bones, which I may or may not repost here. Who knows?

Anyway, just thought I would catch up with everyone. I hope to be around more and be less lurky, but we'll see how that goes.

Happy 2011, everyone! ♥


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