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I've got to get better at posting. Seriously. Life has just been crazy, and not necessarily in the fun way. :(

I shall sum up:

-New job is both really awesome and sucky. We had to fire one of our service techs for being a whiny no-show, and the new guy we got is a fucking moron. He's older than the rest of us (there are only four of us total that work in our store) and he thinks that means that he knows what to do. He talks to me like I'm a small child and he tries to correct me. Sir, I've been there for almost four months. You've been there for a week. SHUT THE FUCK UP. >:( On top of that, my manager had a miscarriage this past weekend, so I've been pulling double duty with the new guy because the OTHER guy that works with us had to fly to DC to visit his extremely ill grandmother. *SIGH*

-Two of my RL best friends have been going through a lot, so I've been laying off fandom stuff to help them through their stuff.

-Two weeks ago or so, my beloved cat Luna of 12 years passed away. It was really sudden and I was extremely distraught. She got sick and within a couple of days, she passed in the vet's office while I was making the decision to put her down. I haven't cried like that in a long, long time. I still find myself looking around the house trying to find her. What gets me is that our other cat, Mouse, does the same thing. That really breaks my heart. However, I buried her in our backyard and I go outside to visit her on occasion. I'm not ready to get another cat just yet, so now it's just Mouse.

-My roommate bailed on me and managed to fuck up a lot of shit when she did. I was really angry about it, since I did quite a bit for her and got it thrown back in my face. However, I have a new roommate, a Chinese exchange student, and she's awesome. She's an absolute sweetheart and it's been an interesting experience learning from one another. She has been spoiling Jimmie and I immensely with all of her cooking. :) And she complimented me on my use of chopsticks! :D The only thing I could do without is her annoying small dog, but even it's growing on me.

-I nearly died on the interstate a while back. My tire blew out and it sent me spinning into traffic going by me at 70-80 mph. I managed to gain control of the car and fishtail myself onto the shoulder, where I proceeded to thank everything that would listen that I didn't get hit or hit anyone else. Then I sat and shook and cried for a while before I made a desperate call to my mommy to save me. XD That was one of the single scariest things I've ever encountered.

-Have recently gotten sucked into watching Bones, which is probably my new favorite show. I love it, even if it grosses me out sometimes. XD

So, other than that, life has just been life. I miss fandom, and the other day I really thought about how much I missed talking to everyone on here. I keep saying that I'm going to be more active, but... things just keep getting in the way. I just hope nobody's forgotten about me. :P

So, gonna head to bed now. Gotta get up early for training and am dog tired for working nearly thirty hours in three days. x_x

♥ I'm glad all my friends in Virginia and DC are safe after the earthquake, and hoping that Irene doesn't slam the east coasters too hard. :( Stupid hurricanes. I'll be keeping you all who are in her path in my thoughts and prayers. *squishes you all, and the rest of her flist*
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