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This post is kind of all over the place, so be forewarned. My brain has ceased higher functioning due to the sheer amount of SHIT that went on today. Was there like National Start Your Christmas Shopping Early Day or something? Holy hell. Work was insane today! Not to mention about thirty minutes into the rush the computer system decided to stop working. It was definitely a WTF kind of day.

Then, the funniest thing happened to me today in Starbucks when I went to get lunch. I got recognized from YaoiCon. o__O This girl that was standing in line behind me was giving me strange looks, until finally I turned around and asked her why she was studying me like that. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Um, hi. So...why do you keep staring at me like that?
Girl: I know you! You were the chick with the vines on her face at that anime convention!
Me: ...what?
Girl: Yeah! My friend took pictures of you and the other two chicks you were with! I didn't go, but she did and she said it was amazing and blah blah blah blah
Me: *doesn't really know what to say* That's...nice. Thank you?
Girl: *giggle* You and your friends looked awesome!
Me: *still doesn't know what to say*
Girl: Well, it was nice talking to you! *waves emphatically as she walks off*
Me: ...*thinks 'WTF?'*

All in all, it was...rather strange.

And as far as writing goes...I've finally started working on Liturgy. *falls over* I'm not sure what I think about it, but Homura is poking at my brain like there's no tomorrow. I've tried swatting at him, but it doesn't work. He's like a mosquito that just won't quit.

Well, the point of this story is, to get my writing groove going, I wrote four more of the stupid little drabbles I was writing AGES ago. While I will not say that these are excellent examples of my literary prowess, I actually kind of like them.

Drabble Set #2 )

So there you have it. *laughs* For your viewing pleasure.

And did anyone else find it hilariously ironic that Sanzo managed to win the Shojo your Mojo contest? Oh, the plot and art bunnies that are going to spawn from that. *laughs* Sanzo'll never hear the end of it, I'm sure.

Finally, since I couldn't stop myself. Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] macavitykitsune and [livejournal.com profile] s0hmam0miji:

Friendship Meme )


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