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Time for my annual check-in with LJ/DW. XD Isn't that terrible?

So, what's been up with EoS? Well...

-Finally getting my shit together to apply to graduate school and decided where I'm going to apply to. I've decided on the University of Indianapolis. I recently went up there for an open house and a tour of the campus. It was gorgeous and I was in love. Also, I got to hang out and spend the night with the wonderful [personal profile] jedishampoo, who was gracious enough to let Jimmie and I stay with her. :) We didn't have a whole lot of time, but if I get into UINDY, you bet I'll be bothering her all the time. ;) Now, I'm just waiting for my GRE scores to be posted so that I can continue with my application.

-Work, work, work, work, work, and more work.

-My laptop recently went kaput. :( Luckily, thought, my boyfriend loves me very much and bought me a tablet! I absolutely ADORE this thing. It's an HTC Flyer and it makes me so very happy. ♥

-I won a Samsung Epic Touch in a contest at work. Because I am a phone selling BEAST, apparently. :P

-Jimmie and I are currently playing through Mass Effect 2. OMG I LOVE THIS GAME. The fandom has eaten my brain and there is no cure. I've been trolling the kinkmeme like nobody's business and have found a wonderful plethora of awesome fic. Been thinking about writing some of my own, but we'll see.

-Went to Renn Faire. Had a blast!

-Played paintball while I was in IL visiting Jimmie's friends and family for the weekend we drove up to Indy. It was fun, but I lost both the ring that Jimmie gave me and the one that his mom gave me for my graduation present from college. :( I cried so hard, but maybe luck will be on my side and somebody will find them to turn in. Here's hoping.

-Actually looking forward to Christmas this year. :)

So... that's been my life. Same old, same old.

And on a final note, I plan on sending Christmas cards out! Please let me know if you would like one. If you don't think I have your address, please message me.

And yes, if you're sending them out, I would like one of yours. :) I've been haphazard about LJ lately, so I probably missed a ton of card posts. If you sent me one last year, I'd like one from this year and I'll be happy to send one in return.

♥ you all.
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